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Welcome to the website of the SoftVision company.

Our company focuses on the delivery of complex information systems for the MS Windows operating system.

Our information systems can be run simultaneously in the Win32 environment as standard applications and at the same time as the ASP.NET Internet applications, allowing full access to the information system using the Internet user environment, browsers. Both platforms however can be operated independently and separately.

The Content Server subsystem, on which this Internet application is based, is part of the ASP.NET module supplied by information systems, which allows the use of the information system, as well as the basis for the constitution, operation and administration of the Intranet or Internet content. The Content Server system is also available as independent Win32 or ASP.NET application, and may also be an optional component of the Softvision information systems.

The core of the system, common to both platforms, contains an extensive subsystem of user and access rights, based on users and user groups, and other access layers, using which it is possible to selectively and remotely configure access to each of the areas and functions of the system, including setting levels of access from different IP areas and domains.

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