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Content Server >> Download - ver. - 3.3.2015
Content Server

Download - ver. - 3.3.2015
ContentServer is provided as a free to use program (freeware), for non-commercial purposes. Within this category are accepted local governments, schools and non-profit organizations.

Download : Executable module

Download : Executable module and support modules SSL and ZIP

The Content Server executable module (scontentsrv.exe) does not require installation, in addition to the installation as a service of the operating system. The executive module can thus be placed at any location, including removable media, and network directories.

Content Server system can be launched without any additional files and parameters in the standard (local) mode. Operation in full (network) mode requires the setting of specific parameters of operation and access rights.

Startup mode is entered through the startup parameters, or in system settings in section [WWWServer], by specifying the parameter ServerMode. The startup parameters are superior to the parameter in the settings.

Voluntary support of the project :      IBAN : SK0383300000002500766351      BIC kód/SWIFT : FIOZSKBAXXX

Updates list
DateVersionUpdate description
10.6.20161.1.0.2584Various system improvements.
9.4.20151.1.0.2467Update of Internet components.
3.3.20151.1.0.2448Log content improvement. Extension of the log content. In the header of the log included references to the reports of particular types of log records (messages).
1.3.20151.1.0.2442Minor corrections.