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Local mode operation
If a standalone Content Server application (scontentsrv.exe) is started without explicit settings and startup parameter /serve, or if it is started with the startup parameter /local, it will run in local mode, which means that the content will be available only from a workstation, on which Content Server is running. This means that, via the network the content will not be available, and the system will only work as a local server, a hypertext editor for the current user.

In the local mode the access rights and levels will turn off, which at the same time blocks access to the system through the network. This means that only the user who started the Content Server, can work in the system, with access rights given by settings, or with full access rights, when logged in under the user name under which Content Server is running, unless explicit settings of the access rights are specified. In this mode, the access rights to the content are given by the access of the user within the operating system, to the directories and files in which the content is stored.

The access level of the user Guest in the local mode is only for reading. In the local mode, the user can log in to the user accounts specified in settings. If there are no users defined in the settings, the user can log in under the user name of the operating system under which the application is running in local mode. This allows to start and use the server without any specific settings.

As far as the Content Server application is started in the local mode and without the startup parameter /noautoopen, after initialization and opening of the server, the system automatically opens the base content page.

To start the Content Server in the local mode, with a startup parameter /local, it is possible by creating the shortcut for a start X:\file_path\scontentsrv.exe /local, by running it through the Run dialog of the operating system, or by other means of the operating system.

As far as the Content Server application is installed as a service of the operating system, the system starts in mode on the basis of explicit settings of the operating mode in the settings, or on the basis of the startup parameters, as well as for normal startup.

The ASP.NET version of the system does not allow operation in the local mode, but by setting the access rights and levels it is easily possible to reduce the access to the content only on the workstation on which the system is operated.